decorate a bottle rather than the bottle bag, fresh flowers for use on a bottle

A fantastic alternative to a bottle Bag

how to wrap a wine bottle, how to decorate a wine bottle, great idea for gift wrapping a wine bottle

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Bottle Bag

Are you gifting a bottle of something nice?

When you think about gift wrapping a bottle to give as a gift, do you automatically think of the boring old gift bag?

Meh. Time to think of something much better than a bottle bag.

A bottle bag is easy I have to agree. But then, you’re much more creative than that.

An alternative to a bottle bag when gift-wrapping a bottle

Gift wrapping a bottle usually starts with a bottle bag.

But it ends with some fabulous floral decoration that shouts GIFT.

Part of the preparations for decorating our car for our nephew’s wedding included how we wanted to spoil the happy couple on their journey to the wedding breakfast.

There will be some additions to the internal decoration of the car prepared just for them ahead of their journey to the wedding breakfast.

And, of course, a nicely chilled bottle of champagne with Mr and Mrs champagne flutes ready and waiting.

To make that bottle extra special used this fantastic idea of decorating the champagne using fresh flowers.

But remember, you could also do this with Christmas decorations, imitation flowers, paper flowers or anything else that takes your fancy.

Just use this as a template and get creative.

At the weekend I had a little test run

The picture at the top of this post is the finished result of my test run.

We were invited to dinner at a friend’s house and I wanted to take a gift. But I wanted the gift to be a little different from the norm.

I am not easy to cook for. I have an allergy to casein in cow’s milk and cow’s milk products.  Add to that, the fact that I don’t like meat or poultry, and the result can be that planning and cooking a meal for me that will satisfy all the dinner guests, is a bit of a challenge!

I felt our hostess deserved a gift prepared with love especially as she pays such wonderful attention to detail when preparing her home for guests.

So, to make this gift of a bottle of wine extra special, I decided to decorate it with fresh flowers instead of using a bottle bag as wrapping.

Here’s how I did it

I started with some Mini-Deco florist’s wet foam from Oasis.  You can find this, and the green pot tape used to secure the mini-deco to the bottle, on Amazon.

(Incidentally, it was one of the pictures on the back of the box, that gave me the idea)

You will need some flowers of a size and scale that will not drown the bottle.  I chose some dwarf white roses and lovely pink berries.  By adding some extra stems of green leaves I was able to make sure there was enough foliage to cover the florist’s foam.

To prepare the flowers, re-cut the stems, and give them a good drink of cold water.  At the same time, soak the mini-deco in a bowl of water to make sure it gets soaked through the centre.  It can take around an hour for the flowers and foam to be ready to use.

The wet foam will keep the flowers hydrated once they’re in place, whilst making sure the gift stays looking fresh.

Whilst the foam and flowers are readied for use

Use the time to prepare any non-floral additions to incorporate into the design. Ribbons, butterfly shapes, etc.  I assembled a number of things to choose from, settling on pink butterflies, glued back to back with some florist wire in between, and some pink and white organza ribbons formed into loops.  Just wind some fine florist’s wire around the ends of the ribbon loop, so that you can push the wire into the florist’s foam.

Now the creative bit – start to build up the design

  • First, attach the deco-mini wet foam to the bottle using the green florist’s pot tape.
  • Once that is secure, lie the bottle down on a non-slip surface, so that you can see the front of the bottle.  You want to be able to see your design taking shape.
  • My florist training tells me that there should be 3 or 5 flowers used to create the visual ‘flow’ of an arrangement.
  • These days I arrange in a way I find visually pleasing and it seems to work pretty well.

Start by placing the main flowers

decorate a bottle rather than the bottle bag, fresh flowers for use on a bottle

To create a slight angle to the display I positioned three of the dwarf roses to the lower left of the oasis and two, plus some bud roses, to the upper right.

Placing the largest flowers first, in this case, the roses, helped to create the shape that will draw the eye down towards the bottle label.  Then I began to place the pink berries, again following that flow from top right to lower left.

The 3 wired ribbon loops and my pretty pink butterfly were added and some of the green stems were cut down to fill in any gaps.  You can only see the butterfly straight on in the picture, unfortunately, but it is there, I promise.

My hostess loved the gift!

how to wrap a wine bottle, how to decorate a wine bottle, great idea for gift wrapping a wine bottle

The finished gift of a lovely bottle of wine and the fresh flowers put a big smile on our hostess’s face.  The picture at the top of the page is the one she took to share with friends and family.

Having a gift handmade is always a real treat. But creating something beautiful is the thing I really love.

If you like the idea of gift-wrapping a bottle

If you like this idea for gift-wrapping a bottle instead of using a bottle bag, please do share it.

And if you decide to try this out for yourself, I hope you let me see pictures of your creations.

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