What are the top 5 reasons to add exercise to your life?

the top reasons to exercise

looking for reasons to add exercise to your life? then read on

Reasons to add exercise to your routine.

These days it seems that everywhere you look you are being encouraged to exercise.

Want to lose weight? Take up exercise.

Want to improve your health? Take up exercise.

Want to improve your mental health? Take up exercise.

Exercise is the answer.

But the question is, what are the benefits of adding exercise to your life?

Exercise will benefit your mental health

1. Exercise Boosts brain power & sharpens the memory

Exercise increases your heart rate.

Increased heart rate promotes blood flow to the brain.

In turn, increased blood flow to the brain stimulates the production of hormones that can enhance the growth of brain cells.

Sounds good? Well, there’s good news for older adults too.

In older adults (those over the age of 50) exercise can help protect mental function.

In fact, exercise has been shown to cause the part of the brain vital for memory and learning to grow in size. It also reduces changes in the brain that can cause Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

exercise for brain health, benefits of exercise, the top reasons to exercise

2. Reduces anxiety & makes you feel happier


Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

Exercise achieves this amazing result by producing changes in the parts of the brain that regulate stress & anxiety.

It can also increase your brain’s sensitivity to the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical that helps with sleep and digestion but also reduces depression, regulates anxiety, heals wounds, and maintains bone health.

Studies have shown that exercise of any intensity significantly reduced feelings of depression.


Convinced yet?

How about this;

Exercise will benefit your physical health

3. Builds strength & lowers the risk of injuries


Exercise will make you strong.

Exercise plays a vital part in building and maintaining strong muscles and bones. Using weights in your exercise routine to provide resistance can stimulate the building of muscle.

As we age we lose muscle mass and that can result in injuries. Adding exercise to your life reduces the amount of muscle you lose and will help to keep you strong.

And if you’re looking for another major benefit of adding resistance based exercise to your life look no further than this;

Resistance based exercise helps to build bone density when you are young. AND – it helps prevent the development of osteoporosis later in life.

Is it the body image changes that you want to see?

You won’t be disappointed.

exercise for weight loss, exercise for improved body image, the top reasons to exercise

4. Exercise will help you lose weight & improve your body image


Being inactive is a factor in weight gain and obesity. Fact.

Our bodies use up energy in 3 ways:

  1. Digesting the food we eat
  2. Maintaining basic bodily functions such as breathing
  3. Exercise

That’s the full list. Just those 3 ways.

The first and third are the only ones you can influence to any great extent.

It’s worth noting that studies have shown a reduction in your calorie intake via a low-calorie diet doesn’t help you lose weight.

Not good.

For now, we’re thinking about exercise

Exercise is crucial to helping achieve a faster metabolism which allows you to burn more calories per day.

Combining aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling, football or swimming, with resistance training – resistance bands, hand weights, yoga – can maximise fat loss and an increase in muscle mass.

Increased muscle mass is important in keeping the weight off.

resistance exercise, weight loss, the top reasons to exercise

Still need convincing?

Then try these for size.

5. Exercise improves skin health, relaxation & sleep


Exercise will improve blood flow that can protect your skin and delay the signs of ageing.

One study found that using up more of your energy by introducing 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week into people’s lives gave a 65% improvement in sleep quality.

And the added bonus?

Exercise can help your sex-life!

I thought that would grab your attention.

Regular exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, tones up your muscles, and improves flexibility.

All of which can improve your sex life.

With all going for it what are you waiting for?

If exercise can help with fitness, muscle mass, flexibility, reduce feelings of stress, and keep us in our favourite clothes, what’s not to love?

Now, where did I leave that yoga mat?

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