AGA Bookmark template


This free .svg file is for upload to Cricut Design Space for use with the Cricut Maker.



This .svg file is one I use in my YouTube Cricut tutorial for basswood on a Cricut Maker. Please note: I do not own any other make or model of cutting machine, so I cannot test my files on anything other than the Cricut Maker.

This free .svg is for upload to Cricut Design Space, where you can resize it as you need. I cut the bookmark at 4.5″ tall by 2.35″ wide, and it worked perfectly cut from Basswood.

If you are using Basswood, the best thickness I found is 1/16th of an inch. Your Cricut will prompt you to use the knife blade and use 14 passes to complete the cut. I would advise pausing your Cricut Maker at around 12 passes, and if it has completed the cut through the basswood, finish the process at that point. Otherwise, let it complete another pass and check again.

If you haven’t already, check out my YouTube video tutorial on using this file to cut from basswood. 

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