Learning new crafts takes time and is frustrating so it has to be worth it – right?

learning new crafts

Learning to crochet and macrame

Learning a new craft is hugely satisfying.

That is, until you try to learn two at once. In my case that’s learning to crochet and macrame.

Things have been a little quiet on the new posts front for agiftedamateur these last couple of weeks.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten to add new posts or create new videos.

I’ve been working away in the background to film, edit and update my videos. The latest videos are on using up bits of craft materials to repurpose them and make great new gifts.

Bookmarks. That’s what I’m creating at the moment.

Bookmarks, because I and lots of my friends and family read. We read a lot.

Reading a lot means losing bookmarks. It’s part of the deal.

So I’m making bookmarks.

Nothing difficult about bookmarks

There’s nothing difficult or overly time consuming in the creation of bookmarks.

Develop a few options and test them out. Video the making of them, and you’re dong.

Using my cricut, faux leather and ribbon

To date, I’ve created three different styles of book marks.

Using infusible ink, iron-on, and embossing techniques on different fabrics have given me some adorable results.

I’m pretty happy with the things I’ve created and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

The problems started when I wanted to finish off my ribbon bookmarks.

I, somewhat naïvely, thought I’d take a couple of free YouTube lessons in the gentle art of crochet and macrame to add a tassel or something similar to the ribbon. Something pretty to hang outside the book.

You know the kind of thing.

Perhaps a little macrame leaf. Or a crochet heart. And it has to be home made as that’s the way I craft.

Macrame is knot tying isn’t it?

Simple Right?

Simple? No way.

Macrame is the gentle art of tying knots to create a pattern.

‘What can be difficult about that’ I asked myself.

Or learning to crochet. My grandmother used to sit for hours with a crochet hook and some wool and create fantastic blankets in no time.

Not being one to dodge a challenge I decided to learn them both and create a couple of lovely adornments for my bookmark gifts.

Crochet and macrame. At the same time.

What could possibly go wrong.

Two weeks on and i’m still trying to hold my yarn correctly

On my desk as I write this are two macrame leaves.

I say leaves. One is not recognisable as a leaf but I assure you I followed the tutorial very closely.

Don’t worry. I won’t share a picture of that attempt.

It’s much too embarrassing.

The second attempt is more encouraging but could not be described as a discreet charm to add to a ribbon bookmark.

See for yourself.

beginners macrame, macrame leaf

This thing of beauty is 6.5″ long and a little over 4″ wide.

Beginners crochet and macrame is not easy

My thoughts of quickly producing beautiful objects from pieces of string and yarn were sadly misplaced.

Still. I will not be beaten.

My bookmarks will be appearing in these pages and on a YouTube channel near you very soon.

In the meantime, I will go back to trying to find a way to hold my crochet yarn, manage the tension, and hold the hook whilst not using my index finger to do all the work.

This really is proving a challenge to me. It feels a little like rubbing my tummy with one hand while patting the top of my head with the other.

Macrame knots are slowly becoming second nature.

Making those knots in the right order to create something worthy of gifting is another matter altogether.

My Cricut makes a lot of things really easy

My Cricut is a fantastic piece of kit for creating crafts. I just wish it could crochet as well.

Cricut crafting and falling in love with my Cricut