Cricut, what can i make with a cricut machine, cricket machine,

Cricut Crafting

Cricut, what can i make with a cricut machine, cricket machine,
Made using a SVG file by Jennifer Maker

cricut crafting

It’s coming up to Christmas 2020 as I write this.

Picture the scene. The UK has just entered its second lockdown due to Covid-19.

Shops are closed for non-essential shopping. Online is the go-to for millions of us.

Online is selling out of the things you want to buy.

And there are a lot of hours in the day to fill

Sitting around doing nothing became a real bore in lockdown 1.

There are only so many things to clean, right? Especially when there are no visitors to showcase your lovely clean, organised home to.

Thinking cap on.

I bought a Cricut machine some weeks ago. It’s time it started to pay me back for my investment.

Time for some Cricut crafting

My first creation was a paper snowflake thingy. It may not be impressive, but it was part of the setup for my Cricut Maker, and it was great to see how precise the Cricut is.

The first gift I made

The picture at the top of this page is of a framed layered design that I made for a friends daughter as a house warming gift. The design was downloaded for free from a great site and I was thrilled with the result.

Like me, having spent your hard-earned cash on your Cricut, you probably need to seek out some free help to get you started.

I hear you.

The free resources I think are worth your time

The picture I made, shown again below uses a design by Jennifer Maker.

Cricut, what can i make with a cricut machine, cricket machine,

Jennifer Maker has so many videos on YouTube that show you how to create anything from paper flowers to t-shirts, to Christmas decorations.

The best of Jennifer’s videos, in my opinion, are those where she tries out designs, inks and so on using various fabrics. Jennifer makes mistakes, so you don’t have to.

That’s value right there.

Buying some of the blanks from Cricut can be expensive. Knowing in advance, what will work on a lower-priced alternative is, well, priceless.

Winter is coming

Winter is coming and with it Christmas.

And this year Christmas means gifts, cards and decorations made with the Cricut.

Christmas means gifts and decorations.

Friends and family, you have been warned!

Crafting with a Cricut machine

First up is an advent calendar

I love an advent calendar.

As a child, I loved opening the little doors on our advent calendar and seeing the pictures inside.

To this day I think there’s something wonderful and childlike about opening a door each day throughout December and finding a lovely gift inside.

And it’s especially nice when someone has taken the time and trouble to choose, or better still make, the gifts included.

So this year, I’m making advent calendars for some of our friends. And, I’m loving choosing some little gifts and chocolates.

Mostly though, I’m loving making some of the gifts with my Cricut to include in the advent calendars.

Cricut Design Space is A Great Resource

Cricut Design Space is free to access.

If you want to use the free resources on there you can. But if you want to unlock all the resources, fonts, designs, images and so on, you’ll need to subscribe.

You do get access to all resources for a period after you set up an account on Cricut Design Space, but a word of caution. If you don’t take up a subscription at the end of the free period, you’ll lose access to any saved projects that are paid-for content. That goes for fonts as well.

You’ll Need Cricut Design Space to Connect to Your Cricut

The magic of Cricut crafting all happens through Cricut Design Space.

It’s the Design Space that connects to your Cricut and ‘tells’ the Cricut cutting machine what to cut, draw, score or emboss to create your design.

And in case you’re not the best at designing your own cutting files, there are hundreds of designs on Design Space to choose from.

But when it comes to making gifts for your loved ones, they’re all there to create or customise as you choose and give to others.

Cricut crafting gifts

I will be making some personalised baubles using transfer printed vinyl.

To start, I checked out my favourite go-to lady for a video showing me how to make the baubles using my Cricut and permanent vinyl. Over to Jennifer Maker.

If you watch this video from the point where Jennifer downloads the cut files – known as SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics in case you were wondering) – she gives some fantastic tips on saving vinyl and time by putting all the designs on one cutting mat.

And, how to sharpen your fine-point cutting blade to extend it’s life using balled up kitchen foil—literally, a great money-saving tip.

Make things easy by buying baubles ready-to-go

If you’re like me, you’ll want to personalise baubles that are already glittered and ready to go.

Try Amazon for a great range of baubles but remember, larger baubles are easier to personalise than smaller baubles. Always remember, of course, the size of the advent calendar windows you’ll be putting them in!

Those first weeks with your Cricut can be a challenge

So, to help you get to know your Cricut and start right from the very beginning, read my Beginner’s Guide to Cricut.

Learn To Love Your Cricut With Inspiration From My Experiences.

To Cricut Or Not To Cricut. Should you spend your money on a Cricut?

A fantastic alternative to a boring bottle bag.

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