How to make this unique gift using basswood and your Cricut maker

Unique gift

Here’s how to use heat transfer vinyl with basswood

Basswood video tutorial

Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl with basswood?

You can.

And it works brilliantly.

The quick way to see how it works is to view my basswood video tutorial on YouTube.

You can go right to it using this link.

Or click on the image below.

Video tutorial

HTV video tutorial

Remember to check out my SVG page

My SVG Files page has free downloadable files created for you to use in your projects.

I’m gradually adding more files as I make and test them. Currently, I’m creating files for cut letters to use as embellishment for gift wrap, or as you see them used in this basswood video tutorial.

Unfortunately, my knife blade broke when I tested the letter A today, so I have to wait for a new blade to arrive, courtesy of Amazon. Once I have that, I’ll be right back onto the creation and testing of cut initials for you to access, free.

So, if you don’t see the particular file you need right now, I will be getting it loaded as soon as I can.


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